About Us

Sonkophe Business Partners (Pty) Ltd is a black-owned firm with 50% female ownership, specializing in Business and Advisory services amongst other business consulting services.
Sonkophe Business Partners (SBP) clients experience a distinctive level of service, built on exceptional relationships and a deep understanding of their business. It is these relationships and in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses that enables us to serve our clients better, thereby meeting their immediate needs and long term ambitions.
We provide solutions that are practical and workable, and not overcomplicated by unnecessary processes. Our client service team comprises of business advisers who not only understand the domestic market, but who also have access to a network of professionals that can deliver a seamless and reliable level of service. We are able to advise companies on the, efficient and economic solutions in addressing their core business needs


To be the preferred firm of choice with a rooted footprint across the continent.


To deliver uncompromised quality, professional service and being transparent in our dealings with all our stakeholders. Through proactive and reciprocated interaction, as we aim to prioritise, empower and grow our team personally and professionally.


We create value for all stakeholders through our diversified business resources, processes, thinking and passion. We aim to expand our services beyond the South African borders to other African countries i.e. Zambia, Mozambique, DRC and Kenya amongst other African countries.


  • Empowered to grow.
  • Focus on people.
  • Committed to excellence.
  • Honest responsibility.


We have a panel of independent referral firms and are therefore well-positioned to service clients through this network, especially in areas where we lack expertise i.e. tax and legal aspects. As a result, expert advice is always within arm’s reach for your business.

The benefits to you are as follows:

  • Increased accountability within your organisation.
  • Improved risk management and control environment.
  • Our clients enjoy dedicated resources and deserved attention as we are a small-size professional services firm.
  • Tailored solutions specific to clients’ business and needs by being agile, innovative and dynamic in our approach.
  • Client’s current and expected controls are considered on a Cost vs Benefit principle, thus enabling our clients to harness the benefit of avoiding unnecessary “control costs”.

To ensure we deliver the highest quality of service to our clients we pride ourselves on a director- led approach as our directors are involved in all stages of the engagement. Consequently, our clients have direct communication access to our directors for consultation and decision- making.